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A heart that sighs has not what it desires

This is the opposite of what we aim for. 

This man drunk dials his girlfriend to tell her he slept with her sister, but offers to make up for it with champagne.  It’s pretty damn funny though to hear what he has to say.

VIDEO: Bambu — "Something" (prod. by DJ Phatrick)

To get a woman, you have to be willing to risk losing her.


I want to personally welcome you to Deeper Than Demeanor.  This blog has been a concept for a while now, and I’m glad it has finally come to fruition.

Our main goal?  Essentially to bring back the lost art of being a Gentleman.  I’m not talking about just chivalry, or just paying for dinner, or just opening doors for women.  I’m talking about being a gentleman in all aspects of life: dating, non-intimate relationships, friendships, and society.

My hope with this blog is to create an atmosphere of discussion and collaboration, of insight and dialogue.  I think men feel their masculinity threatened when engaged in dialogue about more intimate topics, but in my personal experience I’ve found the result to be the exact opposite.

At any rate, I hope men and women alike read this blog and learn something.  I hope our readers understand that our thoughts and opinions do not come from a place of arrogance, but rather a place of experience.  I also hope our readers understand that we’re not perfect, and that everyone continues to learn throughout life.

That being said, sit back, relax, take notes, laugh, cry, and understand that to be a true gentleman, it goes deeper than demeanor.